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Prolific, Award-Winning Author, Celebrity Biographer, and Writer-Producer

Prolific, Award-Winning Author, Celebrity Biographer, and Writer-Producer

Prolific, Award-Winning Author, Celebrity Biographer, and Writer-Producer


Please direct all inquiries to:

Any serialization of parts of a book in newspapers, journals, and magazines; republication of all or parts of a book in another publication; translation to publish a book in any foreign language other than English; to republish a book in hardcover, trade paperback, mass market paperback; and to excerpt of any copyrighted material from a book on a non-exclusive basis in any form.

This site exclusively handles licensing of all rights to award-winning author, celebrity biographer, and animation and Three Stooges expert Jeff Lenburg's catalog of popular titles, unless otherwise noted. Rights administered include:

Any and all electronic reproduction, including ebooks, internet publications, interactive media, including commercial and proprietary software, electronic disk and CDROM, of the author's copyrighted material in whole or in part.

All rights to exploit and license the author's name, work, and/or material, excerpts, characters, settings, plots and situations, facts, ideas and/or events appearing and/or based on his books in, on, and in connection with merchandise, products, services, and other commercial uses. 

Periodical/Serialization/Translation/Reprint/Excerpt Rights.

Electronic Rights.

Commercial and Merchandising Rights.

Any motion picture, television, video, or made-for-DVD production; dramatic stage, musical, or other theatrical production; audiobook; and any other performance of the author's copyrighted material for commercial purposes.

Motion Picture/Television/Video/DVD/Dramatic Stage/Audiobook/Other Performance Rights.

All Other Rights.

Any and all rights to any other form, medium, or new and developing technologies.


Commercial and Merchandising/Audiobook/

All Other Rights:

Attn.: Rights Manager

Jeff Lenburg Company

P.O. Box 2061

Litchfield Park, AZ 85340


Foreign Rights Tranlations Rights:

Sylvia Hayse

Sylvia Hayse Literary Agency, LLC

P.O. Box 50123

Eugene, OR 97405

Tel: 541-404-3127

Motion Picture/Television/Video/DVD/Dramatic

Stage/Other Performance Rights:

Maura Teitelbaum

Abrams Artists Agency

275 Seventh Ave., 26th Floor

New York, NY 10001​

Tel: 646-486-4600